The Jabra SP5050 Speakerphone

Jabra is one of the world's most well-known Bluetooth headset manufacturers and is now ready to light up the tech world with Bluetooth speakerphones. This new phone is slim and easy to use, which will be important with a lot of the new hands-free cell phone laws coming out. The SP5050 has a background noise reduction feature, a visor clip, is lightweight, and has number redial, call mute, voice dialing, and a night driving mode - this shuts off the LED lights at night so your eyes don't get distracted. You also have the ability to transfer calls from the phone to the speakerphone and vice versa. It also has a rated talk time of 12 hours and a standby time of 8.3 days.

Check it out here: Jabra SP5050 Bt Speakerphone


"Insider's" Shopping Clubs and Gilt Groupe's offer bargain prices for couture items. The only hitch is you have to be accepted as a member first. Kinda like costco, except not really. Just this week, I have received special sale offers on Missoni towels, Vera Wang, Dolce and Gabbana shoes, Linea Pelle purses and some other good ones. You can also upgrade to shop one hour earlier than all of the other fashionistas. I think ideeli might have the more affordable pieces, while has the higher-end pieces. Either way, it is worth checking into. Cheers, shoppers!


Tory Burch Barton Cuff

A cool twist on an old classic. The Barton Cuff features a gorgeous abstract geometric design. Comes in either an orange or ivory symbol. Let's hope for $175 it won't tarnish either.

Barton Cuff


Dr. Bronner's Liquid Soaps

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps are 'synonymous with Old-World quality and time-honored simplicity'. The most popular soaps are the Magic Pure Castile Classic Soaps. Click here to find out what the heck "Castile Soap" means. These soaps are vegetable-based, made with Certified Fair Trade and organic oils, contain no synthetics or preservatives, come in 100% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) bottles and paper labels. The best part? They have 18-in-1 uses, such as for shampooing, laundry, body-washing...even as toothpaste?? You can go to their website to order many different sizes, go to your local drugstore, or go to the link below. Suds it up without a care!

Find some here: Dr. Bronner - Castile Soap Peppermint, 32 fl oz


Sami Hayek for Target

Yes, Selma's brother is a designer. His line for Target looks like it is aimed at college students primarily. Lots of bright bedding. This vase is perfect for those of us without a green thumb. $24.99.

Find it here: Sami Hayek™ for Target® 7-pc. Photo Frame Vase


The Latest from Sir Alistair Rai Scarves

Another creation by Kiran Rai. Her scarves are seen on the likes of Jessica Alba, Matthew MaConaughey, Drew Barrymore and Rachel Bilson. "Summer Love Dupatta", rayon scarf for $130.

Click here to see the collection:


Cute Princess Shoes for Cheap

Oh and they are flats, so they have to be somewhat comfortable. They are the Vicky's Secret brand Colin Stuart. Has a very Far East look with the jewels and whatnot. Chain closure. 1/2" heel. Special $49.

Find it here: Chandelier thong sandal


Me and Ro Jewelry. So Gypsy!

Founded in 1991, the line is now designed by Robin Renzi, who is inspired by ancient symbolism and diverse ethnic cultures. Using Sanskrit and Chinese characters for peace, eternity, love, joy and other good karma words, Me & Ro's collection is executed in satin finish sterling silver and 10 karat gold. Piled on or worn individually, Me and Ro's pieces make a gypsy-style statement for people who want something different. Many of their pieces can be seen on "Weeds" and "The Devil Wears Prada". One of my personal favorite's (for layering purposes) is are the Lotus flower necklaces. The Lotus is the symbol of creation and manifestation in the Hindu religion… Sterling silver, 16" or 18". $325. Check out their gold pieces too.

Find it here: Silver Lotus Petal Chain


Tom Ford Whitney Sunglasses

Angelina Jolie's sunglasses are made by Tom Ford and are called the 'Whitney' sunglass. Will set you back about $360. Signature open-sided style comes with sleek 70's brown velvet case. Or..try to find them on ebay for much less!

Find Here: Tom Ford Whitney Sunglasses


A Cool Jacket From Urban

Leather jackets are perfect for turning a girly-girl dress into something a little more rock and roll. I like the snapped motorcycle collar on this one. Very Members Only.
Finished with zippers at the cuffs. Full satin lining. Exclusive to Urban Outfitters. Dry clean. $128.00. Comes in black or brown.

Find it here: Silence & Noise Wyatt Moto Jacket


A Cool MP3 Player

And it's not an Apple product! The Samsung YP-S2 MP3 player is a must-have accessory to take with you. With playback for up to 13 hours, you'll enjoy all your favorite tunes longer than on an iPod. A concealed LED along the bottom edge of the MP3 player flashes various colors and patterns based on the playback mode you select. Supposed to offer more realistic sound effects and a true-to-life surround sound experience. Easy-to-use controls are embedded on the back face, including play/pause, volume and playback options. Comes in a few colors, weighs less than an ounce, holds 250 songs, is marble-shaped and only $39.99.

Find it here: Samsung YP-S2 Pebble MP3 player



This product is just plain cool! "The Newest Evolution of a Classic Exercise" burns 100 calories every 5 minutes, so you get results faster. It is convenient because you can use it at home or on the road. Easy to figure out and it also helps with bone density. It is basically jump rope handles, without the rope. that means you don't have to worry about how much space you have around you or the rope hitting something. It also has a computer that speaks back to you and makes 'rope jumping' sounds. You can also add weights!! This product has gotten rave reviews from The Today Show, People Magazine, People Style Watch, NBC, Donnie Deutsch, and many others. $49.95.

Find it here: JumpSnap - The Ropeless Jump Rope


Kate Moss Green Bag

Well, the green bag she carries is made by MULBERRY and is the 'Bayswater' bag in green alligator priced at $13,895 USD). What? You say you do not have that much to spend on a bag? Get it here for much less. $58 sounds much better, doesn't it? This is made of patent croc leather-like material (no beasts killed to make this one!). Silver hardware,rhinestone pave on lock, cell and sunglass pockets, magnetic snap closure, working lock and key, handle drop 8", measures 16Wx12Hx5D. And did I say it was only $58.00?



Yep, Ripped Jeans are In!

Show your low maintenance by showing up in your ripped up jeans. Here are some reasonably priced five-pocket worn-in deconstructed flares with ripped back pocket and baked crease on back hem. 20" leg opening. Cotton. Blue denim. Extended sizes and inseams. THESE ARE ONLY $39.50!!! So cute for so cheap.



Botkier for Target

Botkier will partner with Target for a limited-edition handbag collection. "Announced March of 2008, Target is partnering with renowned accessories designer Monica Botkier to launch a limited-edition handbag collection, Botkier for Target." This collection is the fifth handbag launch in a series of limited-time-only accessories designers at Target. The Botkier for Target collection will be available at select Target stores nationwide and at July 21 through Sept. 14, 2008. Thank you Target and Botkier for making fashion affordable!


Cute Emroidered Pillows From Acacia

These would be well over $100 at Anthropologie, but only $55 on "Adapted from early 20th century cut-paper designs from the Santee Sioux tribe, now in the collection of Santa Fe’s Museum of International Folk Art", each 20" x 14" pillow is wool bouclĂ© embroidery on 100% cotton canvas. Feather insert, zipper close. Dry clean. Imported. Specify Turquoise, Berry or Citron.

Find it here: Santee Sioux Throw Pillows


Jennifer Meyer Jewelry

Toby Maquire's wife is famous in her own right for her fine jewelry designs. There are the more common gold disk charms of initials (set in pave diamonds) for about $1500...or you can find some more affordable pieces, like these turquoise bands. Apparently Jennifer Aniston has them also. Great for stacking. $125, 18k gold and turquoise



Marc Jacobs Perfume Cocktail Ring

Adorable, convenient and only $30 at Sephora. AND you don't have to worry about airport security confiscating your perfume because it is definitely travel- sized. Order $20 more dollars and shipping is free also.  Solid perfume in a cocktail ring.

Find it here: Marc Jacobs Perfume Ring


In this case, not good to shine on...

A warm weather essential to make sure you keep your 'fresh face' are blotting papers. Not good to just pack on more powder or makeup to get rid of the shine. There are a bunch out their on the market, some have many papers and some have a tad of powder on them. These have a high rating on, so they are of course recommended. Not too pricey either ($10). Made from finely-woven-leaf fibers of the exotic Abaca Tree Plant and infused with the exquisitely feminine essence of Rose to help soothe your skin and uplift your psyche. The slim package fits perfectly in your pocket, handbag, or desk drawer. Another bonus is portion of the sales proceeds of this product will be donated to support breast cancer research. Boscia Rose Blotting Linens 100 ea

Click here:


Comfort Doesn't Have to Suffer for Fashion

Cole Haan and Nike have teamed up to make some pricey yet cute and comfy evening heels using Nike technology.   This Carma Air Sling is $275 and comes in a few different colors, from metallic to basic black. Contains concealed NIKE AIR cushioning. Fully leather lined and fully padded leather-wrapped sock lining. 3 1/4" stacked or leather-covered heel. Look to the best online shoe store,

Find it here: CARMA OT AIR SLING


Shiny Leggings

They are made from latex and can be seen on everyone from Victoria Beckham to Blake Lively from Gossip Girl.  Wear them with everything from ballet flats to heels. These particular ones are made by Kova & T and retail for $113. These leggings have an elastic waistband, & cutout heels. Fabric content: 80% nylon, 20% spandex.  You don't have to necessarily wear a long top with them either.  They look a little hard to care for, but you can hand wash or dry clean them.   So rock and roll.

Find them here : Kova & T Black Leggings


Looking for some cool, unique furniture that isn't going to break the bank? Look to, the sister company of the more conservative Restoration Hardware. Lots of embellishment and old world glamour. Just this plain ole chair looks kinda neat with the laser cut pattern in the back. $199. Available in brown or white.

Find it here: Pattern Bent Wood Chair


Lulu Guinness Lip Purse

Silly, but kinda cut at the same time. Definitely a way to stand out would be with British fashion designer Lulu Guinness's snakeskin red lip clutch purse. Only about 150 Euros. Actually, that is about $295 for us Americans.

Find it here: Smoochy Red Clutch