In Celebration of Carrie Bradshaw

Retailer Intuition has such a cute necklace that is very Sex and the City-ish.  This pendant comes on a 12"chain and features a high heel with Swarovski crystals embedded in the heel.  The sole is red, also...with a nod to Christian Louboutin.  Made by Andrew Hamilton Crawford and retails for $115.  

Where to find:  High Heel Shoe Necklace


Wonder Woman

Chic and ohh so 70's, the gold cuff bracelet is making it's way back.  The wider, the better.  These are pretty easy to find and I have seen some for $100-$500.  I prefer the cheap kind in this economy.  Put it on and get ready to fight off some evil do-badders.  Here is a great gold cuff bracelet from for $59 that is 7" thick.  The best part is that this cuff is from the Tory Spelling line! Go Donna!


J. Crew Makes Suitcases???

According to their website, the availability is limited and is made by a well-respected, noble Italian 'leather house'.   I personally wouldn't want to be in that house during a rainstorm or tornado.  But, I digress.  One line is more feminine (Lugano Collection) and the other masculine and 'old school' (Globe-Trotter Collection).  I must say the Globe-Trotter is cool because it looks like an old-fashioned steamer trunk, but it looks pretty heavy even without clothes.  This is the Lugano Leather suitcase and it comes in orange leather and retails for $1800.  

Check out the full collection here:  JCrewLuggage


Summer Scarves?

Sounds like an oxymoron, but apparently not!   I have spotted a few summer scarves on people.  I guess you could call them 'summer scarf-wearing people'.  Maybe it is because summer is not here in full force yet.  Of course the lightweight ones are best and fringe makes it more interesting.  I have seen some people wearing their scarves with t-shirts and tank tops.  This one from Banana Republic comes in white or navy and is 100% silk.  $69.  Maybe I should refer to this species as 'spring scarf-wearing people' for now.  Just to be fair.

Find it here:


Not for the Print Shy

Step up your wardrobe with a comfy, bright-colored flat. JCrew has a great line to chose from and are perfect for long days on your feet. Dress up your LBD, jeans or shorts. These are the 'Clea' printed flat and come in either cotton (tropical, hibiscus) or silk twill (spiced mustard, rose, neon orange) upper. Grosgrain bow and trim. Unlined, made in Italy. Catalog/ only. $118.

Order here:


Get Wired with the Amazon Kindle

Amazon makes a gadget called a Kindle, that is a wireless portable reading device.  It can instantly give you access to more than 120,000 books, newspapers, blogs, books or magazines.  No cables or syncing needed.  Wireless connectivity allows you to access from anywhere.  Holds about 200 titles at a time and is only 10 ounces.  You can also get top U.S. newspapers auto delivered.  The width of a pencil and has a long better life.  Perfect for the person who travels and has a voracious reading appetite.  $399.

Where to find:  
Kindle: Amazon's New Wireless Reading Device


Susana Monaco

Susana Monaco has taken comfy fashion and turned out some hip designs. Most pieces are supplex (nylon with a tad of lycra) and can be worn with flip-flops or high heels. One of her staples is the Tube Tunic, because it is flattering and simple. Love the flared hemline (forgiving) and lined bodic top (wise). I found it in black and turquoise at I know black is practical...which is why I decided to show the blue. $69.

Find it here:


Sun Yourself without the Guilt!

My fav store for unique finds is Anthropologie and this season their selection of hats is worth a looksy. Some are straw, some are cloth and all are good for shading yourself from some rays this summer. Excellent craftsmanship. I had a hard time even selecting one to show here, because there about 5 I love. Since yellow is the color of the season, the Yucca hat is a good choice. Wavy, wire-brimmed spirals on the brim. Paper, polyester, 23.5" crown, 4.5" brim, Netherlands, $88.00.

See them all here: Anthro Hats


Get Wired: Flip Video Ultra Digital Camcorder

Father's Day is around the corner and that may be a perfect excuse for a new gadget. This one has been raved about by Clark Howard, the Consumer Advocate and syndicated talk show guru. With one click, this compact camcorder is set to record and relive high-quality video and audio (MPEG-4). You can easily upload to YouTube or AOL Video. Fits on standard tripods and uses two AA batteries. I found the 60 minute one for $136. Some sites were asking $180.

Order it here: Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder, 60-Minutes (Black)


Yummy Candles and Soaps!

There is this great company based in Huntington Beach, California named Primal Elements that makes great handmade unique glycerine soaps and gel candles. Some of their products can be found at Ulta, Amazon, on their website. They make clear soaps with martini and olive glass shapes inside, political soaps with elephant or donkey shapes inside, birthday cake shapes, etc. Great gift ideas and great smelling soaps you will want to have around for yourself. My favorite is the cupake candle, because it smells so good even after burning for hours. It also has a pretty glow to it because of all the gel shapes inside. Here is the martini soap (Pack of 2, $15.90) and the cupcake candle ($20). New favs from me to you!

Order here:
Primal Elements Wrapped Bar Soap, Martini, 6.8-Ounce Cellophane (Pack of 2)

The Cupcake Candle!

My namesake! So pretty when it burns too! $20.

Order it here:
Primal Elements - Color Bowl (Cupcake)


Nice pits!

Aluminum is found in many antiperspirant deodorants. Other scary things in deodorant are parabens, which have both been linked to cancer.

A quote from "A study was conducted in 2004 by Dr. Kris McGrath, a Chicago allergist who claims to have found a connection between antiperspirants, underarm shaving and cancer. He believes the culprits in these antiperspirants are the toxins in aluminum salts such as aluminum chlorohydrate. He says they don’t normally penetrate the skin enough to cause a problem–unless the skin is shaven. If you disrupt the skin by shaving, it can open up the door, because just under the skin is the lymphatic system, which is connected to the breast. In this study, more than 400 Chicago-area breast cancer survivors recalled their lifetime history of using antiperspirants and underarm shaving. He found that women who perform underarm shaving more aggressively had a diagnosis of breast cancer 22 years earlier than the non-users."

If you are using a deodorant in order to avoid the aluminum in antiperspirant, you will also want to be certain that the deodorant you choose does not contain parabens. Tom's of Maine makes natural deodorant in girl and guy smells. Amazon sells them by themselves or in packs of 4. Honeysuckle Rose sounds like a good one.


Kick It with Rock & Republic

Fav jean designer, Rock & Republic, is now making cute feminine shoes. This particular design, called the Hialry wedge, comes with blue shirting print canvas, peep toe, Rock & Republic button at each side and a 3.75" wedge heel. Love wedge heels because they are easier to walk in than stilettos. Now... just tell Rock & Republic to start making their "Roth" style jeans again and all will be forgiven!!

Check out their shoes at this site:


Powder Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a summer must-have and a lot of folks hate the greasy feel of face sunscreen. It can also cause breakouts which makes you want to ignore it altogether. Powder sunscreen is a great way around that issue. You can also keep it in your purse or beach bag and brush it on throughout the day. Colorscience makes a great one with SPF 30 that is a mineral powder sunscreen. This brush-on formula is free of dyes, chemicals and artificial colorants. You can order it from Amazon for $45.


Get the Blues

I saw theses beautiful turquoise oval earrings by Kendra Scott and had to share. 14-karat gold-filled. Turquoise stone in center features a crackled magnicite design. Hang measures approximately 2.25". $58. Available at

Find them here: Turquoise Oval Earrings


Hombre or Ombre?

'Ombre' is a type of fabric dye, in which the color of the fabric stays the same but gradually fades. Kinda like the new tie-dye. A cute version of an ombre-dyed design was something I found at Urban Outfitters. It is called the "Twilight Dress" by Lux and is made of silk. Comes in black/grey or purple/white and for $49.99, you can try the new trend without breaking the bank.

Find it here: Lux Twilight Dress


Travel Wisely

Summertime. Time for vacations to far away destinations... or weekend getaways right down the road. Where is it going to be? Europe? Hawaii? Malibu? Florida? Well, you will need to make sure you are properly outfitted with travel-size bottles because of FAA regulations for check-in luggage...and you also have to pack cute clothes. Wrinkles can be pesky and ironing is annoying so might I suggest a product by Downey called "Wrinkle Releaser"? You hang your clothes then spray your garment. In 5 minutes the wrinkles will be gone. Taaaadahhhh. More time to max and relax.

Found it here:


Heidi Klum for Jordache

She does it again! Supermom and Supermodel Heidi Klum first started designing her cool jewelry line and selling it on Home Shopping Network (that's HSN to you). Now she is designing for 70's chic line Jordache. Who would've thought a sweatshirt could look so cool? Obviously, it's comfortable too. Grey with bubble front and half sleeves. $98 Exclusively at Bloomingdale's.


Get Wired: Make Really Big Prints

The Sony Cybershot DSCW300 digital amera has an astounding 13.6 megapixels, which makes it perfect for blowing up photos and cropping images. The display is also 2.7", which makes taking pictures easy. Runs for $349.99. In black, 8.8 ounces, 3x optical zoom.


Beauty Rush Lip Gloss

Kinda like Lancome Juicy Tubes, but to be able to get 2 for $12 or 5 for $20 is nice. That way you can try out many colors...such as Pinked Lemonade, Fineapple, Melonrageous or even Mango Madness. Only trick is to learn how to not lick it off of your lips once you put it on!


OMG I'm addicted!

These little morsels are so tasty and good! The Hickory- smoked flavor is my fav. It is impossible to eat just one or even 10. Santa Barbara Pistachio Company's pistachios are 100% natural pistachios grown without the use of pesticides and fungicides. Their flavors include such yummies as Onion-Garlic Roast Pistachios, Chile Lemon Pistachios, Salted Pistachios, Crushed Garlic Pistachios, Hickory Smoked Pistachios, Red Hot Habanero Pistachios and Hot Onion Garlic Pistachios.

Order here: Santa Barbara Pistachio Company


Instant Glam-ification

This is available in Limited-Edition pink and Sonicare will donate part of the proceeds of every pink clarisonic skin care brush sold towards the fight against breast cancer. Waterproof so you can use it in the shower and gets your skin super clean. Gets all the makeup off, unclogs your pores, helps skin from breaking out and exfoliates the top layer of skin. $195.

Order it from here:


Opera-Length Necklaces

So cool and hard to find... especially ones with intermittent rings. Gucci has one and it is about $3500. If that is a tad too much for you, well then I found this one at J Crew for $65. 24K antiqued gold-plated brass. Lobster clasp. Length: 54".