Get Wired with the Apple iPod Shuffle

Bring out your inner music lover with an iPod Shuffle. This small model is only $49.99 and clips to you, so it is perfect for working out. I also hear because it clips to you, there is no worry of headphones swinging all around. It is lightweight, the battery lasts 12 hours, comes in a multitude of colors, includes headphones, and has a 1GB Hard Drive . This might even be a perfect Mother's Day gift for the mom who likes to garden, hike, exercise, etc. Perfect entrance into the iTunes world.

Find it here: iPod Shuffle


Train Cases

The perfect way to organize all of that new mineral makeup you just bought from Bare Escentuals...and all of the other things you have lying around your lip glosses! Train cases with expandable shelves are an essential and I love my cute pink sparkly one made by Caboodle that I bought at Ulta for only $29. They also carry them at and This is a great $49.95 one I found at in a fiery orange. Something different for a change!

Find it here:


The Perfect Platform Pump

Platform pumps are the 'it' shoe right now and these are cute and priced right. These are by Nine West and are called the "Lecia". 1/2" platform sandals with a sexy 4" stiletto heel. Wear them with skinny jeans, dresses, wide-leg jeans, boot legs. The possibilities are endless. These are also on sale right now for $59, marked down from $89.

Find them here: Nine West Lecia


Wakeup on the right side of the bed

Aveda was founded with the goal of providing botanically based products, hair care, skin care and makeup. One of their best ones in my eyes is their Rosemary Mint Hand and Body Wash. It smells so wonderful and definitely wakes you up because it is so invigorating. Gentle and thorough cleansing lets you wash frequently without over drying. Certified organic too. Enjoy the minty goodness!

Find here online for only $4 :
Aveda Rosemary Mint Hand and Body Wash - 50ml


Jimmy Choo Sunglasses

Famed luxury shoe company Jimmy Choo has just launched their own line of high-end sunglasses, thanks to their Founder and CEO Tamara Mellon. You can pick up these "JJ" glasses for around $345 at stores such as Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and any of the other usual suspects. I like this particular design because it isn't like every other pair of sunglasses out on the market. They also have some a little lower in price for those that want to own a piece of Jimmy Choo but can't afford the steep shoe prices.

Where to find this one:


FitFlops by Blissworld

Yes, a workout while you walk! These flip flops are $60...but they give you leaner-looking legs. They help tone and trim your thighs, calves and glutes with their sole. They are actually engineered to absorb shock, lessen joint strain with the built-in 'micro-wobbleboard workout-enhancing effect. Blissworld, aka Bliss Spas launched these not too long ago. Many colors to choose from and these bronze patents are my favorite.

Order them here:


Emily Amey Jewelry

Emily Amey is a New York City jewelry designer who finds "beauty where it often goes unnoticed - an interpretation of favorite finds from her travels. Beach glass from Kauai. Sea fan from Tulum. A rattlesnake rattler from a Texas ranch. A vine from her backyard in the Berkshires." She has been featured in Lucky Magazine and InStyle and has a celebrity following. I love the design and pictures on her website and her pieces are absolutely beautiful. Most come in silver or gold. These beautiful 'Bubble Bangles' are great for layering and the silver ones are pictured here. $110 each. Check out the unique earring selection too.


Go Green. It's not that painful, I promise!

With today being Earth Day, it is a good time to assess things we can do immediately that will help improve the environment. They will also save you money in the long run...obviously a good thing. Here are a few easy 'green tips':

1. Switch from plastic water bottles to reusable Eco-Friendly water bottles
2. Stop asking for paper or plastic at the grocery store. Bring your own reusable bag
3. Unplug applicances when you leave home. You will be amazed at the energy you save.
4. Shop online. Saves 10 times the energy of driving to the store.
5. Sign up for online banking. Sign up for paperless bills also. This saves many trees for us to climb later.
6. Wash clothes on cold instead of hot or warm. Saves energy and carbon emissions. Your clothes will last longer too.
7. Stop using plastic and paper plates for your picnics. Also bring resuable tupperware.
8. Skipping meat more often saves pesticide, fertilizer and acres of grain and grass from being used.
9. Tell the catalog companies to stop mailing them to you if you do not want them.
10. Switch to rechargeable batteries.
11. Use washable cloth napkins at home instead of paper towels.

One thing I am going to try are compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL's) because they save electricity and save the environment, too. The bulbs produce about 75 percent less heat, so they're safer to operate and can cut energy costs associated with home cooling. These will supposedly change the electricity bill immediately. I hear they are brighter, sometimes more harsh light but I am ok with that. actually has a great 'green' section on their website where you can see their suggested products and reviews. You can even suggest products you think are green and healthy for the environment. The only problem I see associated with these bulbs is that you have to make sure you dispose of them properly because there is a trace of mercury in the bulb. Ikea is one national retailer with a recycling center in their stores to take old CFL bulbs back for recycling. Also, visit and type in "CFL" and your city/state to find a recycling center near you.

Make a difference today...or at least wear a green colored shirt.

Order bulbs here:
SYLVANIA 13-Watt 120-Volt Compact Fluorescent MiniTwist Lamp with Medium Base, Warm White, 12-Pack # CF13ELMTWSTCVP


Cooking Up Something Fabulous!

What kind of gift do you give to someone who has it all? Get your 'hostess with the most-est' friend a beautiful girly-girl apron from Anthropologie. They have many to chose from and most are cotton and easy to wash. Half and full aprons available, kid aprons too!! How cute to give a gift to your friend's mini Martha Stewart. They are a perfect hostess gift because they are so inexpensive, also. Serving a perfect meal is about the presentation, so make sure yours is in top creative form with this half apron tied over your party dress...or jeans!

Order here: Maude Half Apron


Thanks Vicky!

The online and catalog staple for ordering bathing suits, clothes and underwear has done us all a favor by offering their bathing suits in-store. About 300- ish stores to be precise! Now you don't have to wait for your suits to arrive in the mail to see if they fit. Another great thing is that most suit tops and bottoms are sold separately, so you don't have to stick to a swimsuit company's crazy sizing guides. DKNY, Roxy, Kenneth Cole and Lucky Brand are a few of the designers featured. Victoria's Secret is also carrying some cute coverups too. This bright one is by Roxy and is $40 for the top and $34 for the bottom.

Order it here: Roxy Bikini


Get the Skinny

Posh Spice (Mrs. David Beckham) and Cameron Diaz love their colored skinny jeans. Own a pair without spending a fortune. I found these for $44.50 and 'buy one, get one 1/2 off'. Five-pocket stretch jean with narrow leg. Cotton-spandex. Blue. 15" leg opening. Comes in purple or blue. Inseams from 26" to 36" for shorties and tallies.

Order here:
Morgan Low-Rise Skinny Blue


Vacay Time

Navigate through the countless travel deals and websites faster with Consumer guru Clark Howard turned us onto this site years ago and it is still the best way to search for travel. It searches all of the sites and also through Priceline and Hotwire in real time. You can adjust travel departure times, destination and departure locations and also sort by travel lengths and prices. Less hassle=more fun.

Click here to go to kayak:


Diane von Furstenberg Shoes

From the beautiful Belgian lady who brought us the wrap dress, there is now a new line of shoes. These are the "Molto" Love Knot Wedge sandals with the signature wood "DVF Love Knot" ornament in metallic nappa leather. $265. They can be found at and Hopefully, (my favorite online shoe source) will be carrying her line very soon.

Find them here: Molto Love Knot sandal


Hurray for Maxi Dresses!

Not sure why these are called 'Maxi Dresses', but I love them just the same. Maxi dresses are long, forgiving, comfortable and bohemian chic. Some of my favorites are from Ella Moss and T-Bags and they come in a soft cotton a t-shirt. Great for tooling around and running errands with some flip-flops or sandals or even with high heels for evening. I found some good ones on,, and even This one is great because it is only $49.50, so you will get your money's worth out of it before the trend ends!

Buy it from here: Gabriella Dress


Elsa Peretti round pendant

Keira Knightley loves hers! Probabably because it is a simple, timeless piece. Pendant in 18k gold. On a 16" chain. Original design copyrighted by Elsa Peretti. Find it at Tiffany's for $750. Perfect for layering with other necklaces. Gold is back in and is a hot commodity these days. That is why this is a perfect gift, people!


Parisian Macarons. Ooh La La!

These cookies are an internet exclusive from Williams-Sonoma have nothing in common with the dense coconut confections that Americans know as “macaroons.” From celebrated pastry chef Jean-Yves Charon, they are prepared in the traditional Parisian style, sandwiching two petite cookies together with a flavored cream or jam. With each bite, the crunchy and chewy cookies give way to their creamy filling. Shipped frozen, the light-as-air macaroons come in six delicate flavors: raspberry (with jam filling), lemon, pistachio, chocolate, vanilla and espresso. 13.3 oz. Set of 24, four of each flavor. $49.

Order them here: Parisian Macarons


Not the Same Old Bag!

A new soft and different bag with a price that won't break the bank. The style is unique and the mauve color is sweet and perfect for Spring. Roomy suede bag trimmed with a ruffled front flap. Zippered main compartment; fully lined with a zippered pocket. From one of our favorite stores, Urban Outfitters. $74.99. Also comes in black.

Get it here: Sweet Jane Leather Purse


Votivo Red Currant candle

The full-bodied aroma of Votivo Aromatic Candles will fill your home with a lingering bouquet. Blended with the finest wax and rich fragrances, this aromatic candle will burn for more than 50 hours. Packaged in beautiful giftable box and available in 15 fragrances. My favorite is Red Currant. Fills your whole abode with a wonderful smell. $27. If a candle doesn't smell/ burn well, then it's a waste of money.

Find it here: Red Currant Candle


Marrakesh Lounge Pants

Lounge pants are essential. Of course having some that have a cheerful, bright, funky pattern helps too. You never know who might come over. These 'Marrakesh' pants are 100% whisper-light cotton, have an elastic waistband and are in whisper weight cotton. Absolutely beautiful pattern too. $175 from Tracy Porter.

Find them here:


Fainting Couches

What is a fainting couch? It's a backless couch with typically one end raised to recline upon. The fainting couch was made for women, especially since so many women in the 1800s wore corsets. Corsets kept a woman breathless, making it much more likely she would faint. Some homes, and hotels even had fainting rooms, where women could catch their breath on a fainting couch. This one from Urban Outfitters is inexpensive and has a solid wood frame upholstered in tufted 100% grey cotton velvet with a soft, vintage hand. Rounded back and high arms. Finished with turned, hardwood spindle legs. Sturdy construction but oh so dainty.

Find it here: Fainting couch