What's Your Sign?

This cheezy pick up line from the 70's now has a different meaning with the plethora of cool, ornamental charms and jewelry pieces out there. has a few different designers and unique styles to choose from. Want to personalize your style and show your boho chic? I like Marian Maurer's designs for their understated, yet classic appeal. Marian can hand-engrave a name and birthdate on the back.

Here is the Aries charm. The pendant is made in 18k gold, approx. .5" diameter, on a 16" cable chain. Handcrafted in Brooklyn. And what is the Aries symbol, by chance? The Ram - adventurous, energetic, courageous, confident and quick-witted. March 21st to April 20th.

Get it here: Marian Maurer Medals

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