Apple's "Thinnest iPod Yet"

The latest Apple offering, unveiled yesterday by Apple Founder Steve Jobs, is the new Nano that comes in either 8GB or 16GB. 8GB offers 2,000 songs / 8 hours of video, 16GB has 4,000 songs / 16 hours of video. The model is curved and made of aluminum and glass. It can supposedly be recycled also. Instead of picking a few colors, Jobs said they decided to pick every color. There is an intelligence feature that allows it to create playlists based on songs it 'thinks would go together'. Has a 2 inch screen (great for photos), games, and you can even 'shake' the iPod to shuffle your music. Turn it sideways if you wish, and the album cover art moves sideways too. Just like the iPhone. Pretty cool. Starts at $149.

Order it here: iPod Nano

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