Dog Gone It

Always classic, always cutting edge without tacky. That's JCrew. Chances are you have a few basics from JCrew and you have had them forever. I love that JCrew is now making jewelry and wedding dresses. There has been a need for classic, inexpensive wedding dresses as most people would rather put there money elsewhere when thinking about nuptials. JCrew has now made the move to start selling fashionable doggy wear. The 'Crew Mutts' line. I am not a fan of dog shirts by any means, but the collars and especially the models themselves are worth showing to you. Is this precious or what? I love JCrew just for putting these cute little guys on their site! Here is their madras leash.

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Anonymous said...

Love the leash, but love the Lab even more!

Apples & Pears said...

That puppy is so darn cute!!!! JCrew really has some cute things at Crew Mutts. :)

Anonymous said...

That collar is great..but with how much hair my dog has, you would never see it.