Need Some Color in Your Life?

Tired of the old black laptop case? Want to break the "Winter Doldrums"? These neoprene cases (yes, wetsuit material) are essential for toting around your laptop and a welcome change from the stodgy ones we are all used to. There are a few out there with built-in handles, which makes carrying them around much easier. Say, you go to the Mac store often and that is usually at the mall...and you would love to stop in some shops later...but you are lugging around that laptop case in your arms??? This will make it way easier to tote that sucker around, stop for some shopping, and not leave it next to the cappucino machine at Starbuck's while you are placing it down on a counter to pay!! I love these colorful guys. I found them for $30 cheaper on Amazon (!!!) than they are at certain stores we won't mention.

Where to find it: Portfolio Case Dot Pattern

Here is another cutie patootie laptop sleeve (no handles). This one is $35.

Where to find it:
GYMSPacific MacBook Poppy Sleeve - 13"


GossipGirl said...

I not sure but I think I also saw these bags at the Sony store in New York. They have more colors. said...

Check Amazon because I have seen them many places in store. MUCH cheaper online :)