Don't Trip through Your Wires

Gadget cords getting out of control? There are a few charging stations out there on the market and Cupcake Life has been reading the reviews (too big, too much counter space, can't be wall mounted, not very chic, cords cannot be concealed) and has determined this one to be a good option for a few reasons. It can be wall mounted (most can not), has a hidden door in the back for cords, holds 3 cell phones, PDA’s or iPods and it just looks sleek. There are a lot of them out there that are bulky and look dated with the clunky wood. This one is black and retails for $40. I also found a another cute one that comes in red and holds 2 devices for $23

Where to find:

The Charging Station for PDA iPod Mobile Phones - (Black)


2 Pod Electronics Charging Station - Faux Leather


Dad said...

Dear Ms. Cupcake -
I looked at some similar items at Brookstone around Christmas but not these. Will investigate. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

dear ms. cupcake
i love the charger idea for a gift; very contemporary and useful; after all, that's what make men choose!
I'm looking forward to see you for another wedding dance, i regret i didn't catch the chance to do it last time at Mitzi's in Paris. I'm sure you pretty rule on a dance floor.
Happy new Year to you and all of yours, 'wish you Peace, Love and Good Music


Anonymous said...

oh by the way
there's a cool website (http://www.knickerpicker.com/dressing-room.asp)
'dunno if you know it but it's worth the look;