Scarf Down Takeout without the Guilt???

Everyone has seen a Chinese takeout box before...but have you made a scarf out of what was inside before? These are called 'Szechuan Scarf Kits' and they come with yarn in place of the noodles, knitting needles in place of chopsticks; everything you need to start scarfing it up in no time. Available in Lychee (blue), Green Pepper (green), Black Bean (black), and Sweet & Sour (purple) 'these kits make a wonderful gift that will have the uninitiated knitting and the hardcore knitter chuckling'. Complete knitting instructions included. So cute and only $20! At that price you could buy a few and have them on hand for gifting.

Find it here: Szechuan Scarf Kit

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New York Take Out said...

Looks good enough to eat....I mean wear!