Yummy Candles and Soaps!

There is this great company based in Huntington Beach, California named Primal Elements that makes great handmade unique glycerine soaps and gel candles. Some of their products can be found at Ulta, Amazon, on their website. They make clear soaps with martini and olive glass shapes inside, political soaps with elephant or donkey shapes inside, birthday cake shapes, etc. Great gift ideas and great smelling soaps you will want to have around for yourself. My favorite is the cupake candle, because it smells so good even after burning for hours. It also has a pretty glow to it because of all the gel shapes inside. Here is the martini soap (Pack of 2, $15.90) and the cupcake candle ($20). New favs from me to you!

Order here:
Primal Elements Wrapped Bar Soap, Martini, 6.8-Ounce Cellophane (Pack of 2)

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