Summer Scarves?

Sounds like an oxymoron, but apparently not!   I have spotted a few summer scarves on people.  I guess you could call them 'summer scarf-wearing people'.  Maybe it is because summer is not here in full force yet.  Of course the lightweight ones are best and fringe makes it more interesting.  I have seen some people wearing their scarves with t-shirts and tank tops.  This one from Banana Republic comes in white or navy and is 100% silk.  $69.  Maybe I should refer to this species as 'spring scarf-wearing people' for now.  Just to be fair.

Find it here:  BananaRepublic.com


Frances said...

I've definitely noticed the trend this year and I myself have fallen prey to it. They can be a really good accessory to an outfit. But I'm not sure I'd still where one if the temperature hits above 75F.

cupcakelife.com said...

I plan on wearing these until the style goes away! Love it!

Jessica said...

It's a great way to protect your body from the sun and a great thing to keep you warm when it cools down at night.... so trendy, but very classic!