Hombre or Ombre?

'Ombre' is a type of fabric dye, in which the color of the fabric stays the same but gradually fades. Kinda like the new tie-dye. A cute version of an ombre-dyed design was something I found at Urban Outfitters. It is called the "Twilight Dress" by Lux and is made of silk. Comes in black/grey or purple/white and for $49.99, you can try the new trend without breaking the bank.

Find it here: Lux Twilight Dress

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Anonymous said...

How sexy! This dress it perfect for the beach, running errands in flat sandals or dressed up for a date with stilettos. I've been looking everywhere for the color fade style. Under $50.00 is a steal for such a high end boutique look. I just bought one and love the fabric, it's so summer and sleek, yet very feminine. I think the best think about this dress is that it looks like I didn't try too hard, it really becomes an extension of a woman's natural style AND there aren't any others like it. I am an assistant to an art director and I had a million compliments from some of the most judgmental people in the industry.