Travel Wisely

Summertime. Time for vacations to far away destinations... or weekend getaways right down the road. Where is it going to be? Europe? Hawaii? Malibu? Florida? Well, you will need to make sure you are properly outfitted with travel-size bottles because of FAA regulations for check-in luggage...and you also have to pack cute clothes. Wrinkles can be pesky and ironing is annoying so might I suggest a product by Downey called "Wrinkle Releaser"? You hang your clothes then spray your garment. In 5 minutes the wrinkles will be gone. Taaaadahhhh. More time to max and relax.

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Anonymous said...

WOW! They are coming up with everything!!! I think that I need to buy three. One for my office, car and home....okay maybe four... one to take on trips's like makeup.... get a compact for your home, vacation home, gym bag, car and office! While I'm on vacation with my man, I'll look low maintenance with this non-iron fabric spray!! Yes! Fake it till you make it!!...hahaha