OMG I'm addicted!

These little morsels are so tasty and good! The Hickory- smoked flavor is my fav. It is impossible to eat just one or even 10. Santa Barbara Pistachio Company's pistachios are 100% natural pistachios grown without the use of pesticides and fungicides. Their flavors include such yummies as Onion-Garlic Roast Pistachios, Chile Lemon Pistachios, Salted Pistachios, Crushed Garlic Pistachios, Hickory Smoked Pistachios, Red Hot Habanero Pistachios and Hot Onion Garlic Pistachios.

Order here: Santa Barbara Pistachio Company

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Frances said...

While we are on the topic of yummy semi-healthy snacks, I recommend Haagen-Daaz's new Wildberry flavor Frozen Yogurt. It's delicious!