The 3 C's (Cute, Chic Clutches)

It has been a while since a bag has caught my eye. Actually over a year. I was walking through the Grove in L.A. and ducked into Barney’s Coop. I saw this purse by Erva and was instantly drawn to it. I loved that the clutch folded over, that it was a good size, that it had a cute wooden clasp on one side, that the material was cute on the outside as well as the inside and that it looked like your belongings won't fall out. It was priced at $495 and I decided to write the bag name down and go home and Google it. Sure enough it came up on for much less. $360 on sale, with free shipping. If you haven’t moved over to bringing a clutch when you go out, you really should. It just looks more feminine than the big clunky day purse. Now if this price is too much for you, I discovered another awesome website. This site has cute knock offs of the purses you see in magazines: . I got the one to the right for $12.99 in black. What a deal!! It is a wristlet too, so it won’t go anywhere. I got many compliments on it and my friend was amazed at the price I got it for. It looks like it is worth much more. They have some other good ones too. Check it out. Posh Spice would be proud!

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