A Better You in the New Year...

The manual for good manners created by Emily Post ages ago has been updated recently by her great-granddaughter-in-law (Peggy Post) today. It still includes the basic principles and applies it to modern day situations. This manual will help you with socially acceptable responses for work situations, and also where to place a soup spoon when setting a table. The integration of new material with old still uses the same principles: respecting others, proceeding with ethics, values and common sense. There are sections on all of life's little situations: dating, e-mail manners, jobs, dining. It also says (gasp) you CAN wear white after Labor Day. Doesn't everyone? "It is truly a wonder that more Americans don't consider Emily Post's discourses on etiquette one of the most useful reference books published, next to a dictionary, a thesaurus, and a world atlas." Enjoy the reward of feeling a little more improved...and less rough around the edges.

Where to find it:

Emily Post's Etiquette 17th Edition

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Anonymous said...

I believe this is a great gift to give no matter what the occasion. In today's society, there are so many people who have lost the desire to act and perform proper human behaviors and etiquette. Maybe this will help or guide a new generation.