Gardenia Candle by Diptyque

About 7ish years ago a dear friend gave me this candle for my birthday. I was later appalled to find out that the candle was around $50! Who pays that much for a candle? I was afraid to even burn it at that point. Once I did, the love affair between me and this candle began. I would burn this candle in my house when I would have company over and I would be able to smell it clear to the other side of the house. No candle I have ever encountered burns this long and smells this good in such a wide radius! Pretty soon I was giving this candle as a gift and creating more gardenia addicts. We all agreed to not let anyone in on how much it costs for fear they would find us crazy. This candle is worth every penny and distinctly Southern.

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adrienne said...

Hi I read your question in blog share you really don't have a lot of white space. Oh my God your blog is so beatiful I wish I could get my blog half as eloquent as yours honey you are on a roll! How on earth do you put photos smack right in the middle of a post i think my blogs are too wordy without enough photos trouble is i dont know how to create a look.

You have did a professional job good going!