The Gorillapod Tripod

Ever feel bad leaving someone out of a picture because someone has to take the darn thing? This will solve that problem. This is a small tripod that is flexible, so you can attach it to a tree branch, a chair, a pole, a railing…ok enough, you get the picture! And yes, you will get the picture. This is such a great gadget and it comes in a few different colors (for those of you who like to express yourself). Perfect for the camera aficionado or the gadget guru. It is about $25. Mom & Dad, this is on my Christmas list! Don’t let me down!

Find it here: Joby Tripods


Anonymous said...

OMG that thing is cool! I want one too!

Cassel M said...

I bought this before my trip to Thailand! Works great with my little point and shoot! However, for my Rebel XTI, which is a lot heavier, it doesn't work at all.