Magellan Maestro

If you didn’t have enough planning and foresight like me, then you probably did not get your car loaded with GPS. I found out some guys are reading this site, so I figured I would offer up some Xmas goodies they will like as well. I personally love techy gadgets that make life easier. I bought this portable Magellan Maestro and it has been a lifesaver! Great for outside sales reps who think the printing of the Mapquest directions has gotten old! You can use this Magellan (or Maggie as I like to call her) with voice prompts, which means you don’t have to take your eyes off of the road to read directions. It is also pretty small, about the size of a larger Ipod. When you miss a turn, it redirects you to the correct destination path. I love the feature where it will determine your destination and point you towards the closest Starbuck’s, gas station, grocery store, etc! I plan on bringing it with me when I travel next, for walking directions. This is very worth the $240 ish price tag. Maggie has been a very loyal friend. Cheers!

Find it here for only $149! Magellan Maestros

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