Lights Out!

Perfect for New Year's Day, perfect for the traveler, perfect for the light sleeper, perfect for a day sleeper! When I was traveling a lot for business, I liked to keep a Bucky Eye Mask in my suitcase and a Bucky in my nightstand. If you have a hard time sleeping, this also helps because you feel like you are on a cloud! The Bucky is an eyemask that does not let ANY light in. This is comfortable and it stays put. Has adjustable sides and also ear plugs come with it. Retails for about $25. As far as eyemasks go, this is it. So leave your pink satin one that say "Princess" behind.

Where to find it:

Bucky Eye Mask

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Carissa said...

I sleep with an eye mask every night- perfect for restless sleepers and those who travel. You'll wonder how you ever slept without one..