Get Wired

Have you been at the beach and needed to recharge your Ipod? Stereo? Computer? Been in your car or at the airport and needed to recharge your computer, cell phone? Been on a plane and needed to recharge your computer's battery in order to watch more movies? The Black & Decker Power To Go can help you with that. It is a cordless AC/USB power supply. Ideal for a laptop, 7 LCD TV, portable DVD player, travel gaming system, cellular phone, PDA, digital camera, MP3 player, Bluetooth headset, AM/FM radio and cordless shaver. I found it for about $45 at Home Depot. They also have smaller sizes that go down in cost. The $45 one has about 9 hours of power, though. It is portable, lightweight and perfect for that European vacation too.
Ahh, the possibilities are endless.

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