Heidi Klum Jewelry

Heidi Klum (married to Seal, funny, business savvy, family woman). Creative (has her own jewelry line). I noticed the clover leaf -shaped hoops she wears and thought they were unique. She sells her own line on heidiklum.com, qvc.com and the Project Runway website. The latest things I am loving (which she models weekly on Project Runway) are her wrap-around clover necklace, her gold clover hoops and her bangles. Chic and unique. They are also priced right (compared to other gold jewelry designers). The Project Runway site has the most current pieces: http://projectrunway.seenon.com/. You can also find more on http://www.qvc.com. Check it out. We all could use a little more luck. Danke Heidi!

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