Snow Bunny Sweaters

One of my friends (who shall remain nameless) insists that the best casual date outfit is jeans and a white shirt of some sort. She also fell in love with a white cashmere hoodie I had, but sadly it was out of stock a while ago! Most of the ones that I am finding in stores or online are out of every size but large. They are also kinda basic and boring. Of course you can always go with a cashmere sweater from Macy's, as they have a big online/ in-store selection and are fairly reasonable. But...I found this cute furry angora one online. Very sweet, sexy and soft- looking. Don't know about the long white gloves or the matching hat though. I would like pairing it with a long sleeve white fitted V-neck tee underneath and maybe some wide leg jeans. Ohhh, and the best part??? It is ONLY $34.99!!! Amazing. Find it here:

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